Artists’ Advice Ōtepoti: How to promote your mahi toi

There is a range of ways to get your creative work out there and generally a combination of the following avenues is a good way to start.

The media

This includes everything from live-streaming to newspaper stories, radio interviews or a feature on the morning news. Some media focus predominantly on arts content, others may have a regular arts section or contributors. Choose the right one for you.

Take it from someone with first-hand knowledge of media engagement:

“The media is a great promotional tool in advancing your career and should be utilised BUT it is important to exercise control in what you say about you and your work. Have a plan.”


Benefits of being active in social media include the fact that you control what is shown, it’s immediate and engaging, and can include a sales platform. 

Consider the demographic of your intended audience and the sort of content you’ll be sharing and make a social media plan: this will make it easier to maintain a regular social media presence.

And remember - your social presence might not be active forever but it will live forever! It can be a useful archive of your creative development but think about what will pop up when someone’s searching for your artworks.

Networks of friends

Networking sounds intimidating, but you’ve been doing it since you were a child. Back then it was just talking to other kids until you found the ones who wanted to hang out.

As a creative practitioner in Ōtepoti, in addition to finding buddies to play with, you can network your way to:

  • Clients
  • Funders
  • Creative friends
  • Creative opportunities
  • Collaborators

Check out our Media Promotion cheatsheet

Creative Partnerships at the Dunedin City Council

The small Creative Partnerships team works to ensure that Ōtepoti’s arts, cultural, and creative life is as vibrant and engaging as its inhabitants and that all those who call Ōtepoti home have a place in the city’s creative landscape.

At the core of what Creative Partnerships does is building relationships and supporting projects that help realise Ara Toi Ōtepoti – Dunedin’s Arts and Culture Strategy.

We are here to support Ōtepoti creative practitioners with advice, resources, and advocacy so that they can do what they do best, whether it’s public sculpture, improvised theatre, or a spontaneous trombone concert. We’re delighted to share our resources with you.