What happens when creative work is used without permission?

You’ve worked hard, and then someone uses your work without your permission. What do you do? Click here to learn what you need to prove an infringement, and what you can do to protect your work.

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Copyright Licensing New Zealand supports authors, publishers and artists as  rightsholders by managing copyright permissions and licensing. We advocate for legislation benefiting New Zealand’s creative communities across all disciplines, provide learning resources on copyright, and issue licenses for legal use of materials, redistributing revenues to rightsholders as royalties and funding opportunities.

MyCreativeRights.com offers a specialised Legal Service for contract review and creation, as well as informed advice on copyright issues. It also provides a Catalogue service for creators to document their work.

It’s our goal to make creative rights work for all New Zealanders.

Copyright Licensing New Zealand is New Zealand’s only recognized Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO) for text-based copyright material. We are a proud member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO).

For more information: https://www.copyright.co.nz/

For more resources: https://www.copyright.co.nz/understanding-copyright/resourcesTo learn more about cataloguing your work and accessing legal services: