Paerangi Project (Script to Screen)

In this series of video tutorials, New Zealand filmmakers share their knowledge and advice about how to develop a short film or web series.

Script to Screen is proud to offer a series of nine video tutorials for anyone aspiring to tell screen stories.

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In the Paerangi Series, New Zealand filmmakers share their knowledge and advice about how to develop a short film or web series. Learn how to find a good story, write a script, pitch your project to funders and collaborators, and get ready for production.

Each video has closed captions, and transcripts in .pdf and .doc formats. Self-directed homework accompanies the videos and can be downloaded from

The filmmakers who contributed are Hamish Bennett (Bellbird, Ross & Beth, The Dump), Robyn Grace (Power Rangers Dino Fury, Sweet Tooth, Oranges and Lemons), Sophie Henderson (The Justice of Bunny King, Baby Done, Fantail), Alex Lovell (My Friend Michael Jones, Mister Sunshine), Shoshana McCallum (INSiDE, Head High, Creamerie), Marina Alofagia McCartney (Vai, Milk & Honey), Jaimee Poipoi (Krystal), Emmett Skilton (Millennial Jenny, Auckward Love), Morgan Leigh Stewart (Albularyo, Blood and Gold, Deathgasm), Dianne Taylor (Beyond the Known World, Apron Strings, Hauraki) and Karin Williams (Burning of the Gods, Teine Sā, Sis).

Script to Screen created these videos in 2021 for the Paerangi Project – a development programme that aimed to reduced barriers by offering accessible learning to those who had not had the opportunity to study filmmaking. After the successful completion of the Paerangi Project, the video tutorials are now available to all.

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